Instructions for poster presenters

Poster presentations for short and work in progress papers will be undertaken during a 90min timeslot on 9 December.
All posters must be presented in person during the allocated poster session to explain, discuss and receive feedback.

Presentation Environment

One presentation booth is given to each poster paper. You can display a digital poster on the booth.

You can draw attention from visitors by setting up a signboard (JPG or PNG) that can be seen from outside your poster booth. (Right)
Visitors can see your poster inside the booth. (Left)

Poster Specifications

  • Content: One image
  • Deadline: December 6, 2020, JST
  • Size: Landscape (16:9 or 4:3), 1000-2000 pixel width longest side.
  • File Type: JPG, PNG, or PDF (one page)
  • File Name: File name should clearly represent your paper ID, e.g. “012.png”
  • Share the image with TALE 2020:
    • Upload the file to YOUR cloud repository (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.), ensuring that you set the permissions to enable public downloading.
    • You can send the URL(s) of shared image file(s) at

If you want to show visitors an online material such as video, your poster can include its shorten URL or QR code. The visitors will individually view it on their own software.

If you cannot have enough time for face-to-face discussion in your poster booth, we recommend you to prepare a discussing opportunity after the poster session. For example, you can prepare your own web conference room or invite visitors to the Workshop Square available for free discussion in the virtual campus. If you cannot make a live presentation due to time zone and other unavoidable reasons, please e-mail

It may be the first time to you to make a poster presentation in the virtual campus. You will be allowed to access the virtual campus from a few days before the conference. Please get used to the virtual campus for your successful presentation.
You will receive your user account for the virtual campus on 1 December.