Program Tracks

All academic paper presentations at TALE 2020 will be organised into program tracks. Authors of papers are asked to nominate a track at the time of submission, but the Program Committee reserves the right to reallocate the submission to another track that more closely matches the nature and topic of the submission.
The Program Tracks will be divided into Core Tracks and Special Tracks.

Core Tracks

  1. Engineering Education (University/College)
  2. Computing & IT Education (University/College)
  3. STEM Education (K-12)
  4. Technology-Enhanced Learning
  5. Open, Flexible & Distance Learning
  6. Workplace & Industry-Based Learning

Special Tracks

  1. XR and Immersive Learning Environments
  2. Learning analytics for next phase: Empowerment of learning using learning analytics
  3. Preparing the Workforce for Industry 4.0: Robotics, Automation, and Ubiquitous Smart Technologies in Education